Mambo is powered by Social Mobile, one of the leading OEM providers with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) support.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a consolidated device specific solution, used for managing, configuring, and securing the devices in a business organization. EMM is an entity of services that are designed in a specific way to secure corporate data on devices, and is a combination of device specific services such as MDM, MAM and access control.

“Corporate Owned, Single Use” (COSU) are very specific devices used for a single purpose, with pre-determined policies applied on the device. COSU devices are company owned, and have an advanced security layer which is managed and secured by the IT administrator.

“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is a service that allows the employees to use their own personal devices in a corporate environment. The personal profile and work profile are separated using the EMM platform. This then allows the IT administrator to manage and secure the work data of an employee device without compromising the personal data.

The user must contact the ADMIN if a device is lost. The Admin will then have the ability to lock down and wipe the device.

Note: The user must ensure the device is backed up consistently to avoid losing any data on the device.

The corporate device should be returned to the manager. User’s personal devices will be un-enrolled from the EMM platform.

Yes, real-time tracking of device location is supported.

The Admin can locate the device in real-time, and lock down the device. Wiping the device of its data is also possible should it be suspected that it is in an unexpected/suspicious location.

We value user’s privacy. This type of data is not accessible and remains private.

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